!!! Jai Bhawani !!!

His Holiness TantraRishi Swami Shree Vedchaitanya Shashwat Pallav Ji Maharaj

The Founder of Omkar Ashram and all its Community Develeopment Missions

under blessed guradianship since 1987 September 16

The agricultural development mission for the less priviledge community of South Asia,  in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra, Nepal was founded by 1997 September 9. But due to many obstacles during the period of practice of organised setup the performance could not achieived as much of expectations. Mainly financial deficiency and unstable peace environment within working area were not sufficient, So the caused agricultural development mission the Omkar Vanaspati got slower steps of rising. Almost more than a decade past and Besides all obstacles and hurdles the mission is on its success of established identity for serving poor farmers faith of progress.

Omkar Vanaspati, is a Non-Benefit Sharing organization, serving the community development programs of Omkar Ashram (International) as free educational and living development purpose of far hilly, mountain's and terrain areas. To support poor farmers, Omkar Vanaspati has direct marketing plans which serves farmers to generate organic farming opportunities and sell their products via its market helping hands all over the world since 2003.        

Lets Serve & Develop the world of Humanity

!!! Mateshwari Sharanam !!!

Minds & Hands of Mission

Finance & Data Records Unit.

Finance & Data Records Unit.



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